Country park landscape feature
Originally a show garden for Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, designed in collaboration with a colleague and good friend Bethany Williams, Green Seam has been redesigned under the partnership of Williams & Towner and will become part of the permanent landscaping around the new visitors centre and Mining Heritage Museum at Betteshanger Sustainable Parks.
Based on the former colliery site in East Kent, Betteshanger, the garden depicts the past history of this former colliery spoil site and its current regeneration and transformation into a new vision and direction for a sustainable park, visitor centre and Kent Mining Heritage Museum.
While celebrating East Kent's mining heritage, the garden depicts the transformation of a former colliery site into a sustainable park for education, sustainable business and community use and a new heritage museum for Kent Mining.
The garden has been adapted from a static show garden into a piece of interactive landscaping, allowing the visitors to be able to access and move about the garden.  New pathways give access to the decking area and lift cage, along with a selection of poured concrete seats throughout the garden to allow visitors to site and enjoy the space.
The planting shows how pioneer plant species can colonise apparently hostile environments such as spoil heaps, and transform them into places of beauty. This is done with a delicate balance of 'wild' pioneer plants that grow on the site blending into a more 'cultivated' and controlled garden area which will contain nursery cultivated varieties of some of the wild plants.

Designed By: Beth Williams & Stuart Charles Towner
Built By: Outdoor Creations​​​​​​​
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