A modern family garden in Hampshire.
Situated in a prominent location within the South Downs National Park, overlooking the City Of Winchester, this luxury house enjoys expansive views over the city and into its beautiful surrounding countryside. 
Defying conventional thinking the house was designed upside down to take advantage of those views, with access at the front of the property taking you straight into the living quarters on the upper floor. This genius idea which has created an amazing living space, but when it comes to the outside it meant the garden was very much remove from everyday life, however all the main living areas of the house do look down onto the garden. This meant that the plan view of the space was very important, alongside creating a strong connection between the two.
3 views had been created in the living space upstairs, which are the key connection to the garden. The central living room and balcony, one from the dining room and the final one from the kitchen. Aligning features and statues to these views helps tie the house and garden together. Once downstairs the existing rear terrace is extended out from under the house with an outdoor fireplace, with in built seating and 3 flights of steps down into the garden. Grass pathways lead down the garden either side of a new level lawn. A mixture of structural hedges and columns throughout the planting help soften the hard landscaping elements by screening walls and notes of height.
A restrained palette of plants, block planted for the most part, with areas of more complexity give interest to the scheme while not making the garden too labour intensive.
Designed By: Stuart Charles Towner
A modern family garden in Surrey.
This garden was a tale of 2 halves with an existing large terrace at the rear of the property and a large lawn on the lower level accessible only by steep steps.
The clients brief was short and succinct; to create a modern garden for entertainment but not to exclude the children!
A split level terrace addressed the issue of height, staggering the decent from the house to the lawn, while providing multiple spaces for entertaining, taking advantage of access to the house in difference locations and a mixture of sunny and shady spots. The children's needs where then addressed and mixed into the hard landscaping elements of the garden.
What outwardly looks like a clean, contemporary and modern garden is also a place for children to play. The central feature on the main terrace is the heated plunge pool primarily for the children, followed by a feature concrete wall at the end of the garden. This feature wall doubles up as a focal point and houses a frame for an ariel hoop and trapeze for the children. A large area of lawn was retained along with football nets.
The perfect balance for a garden fit to entertain adults and children alike.
Designed By: Stuart Charles Towner
Set within Royal Clarence Victualling Yard Gosport, Clarence House was the former residence of the Chief Clark, built 1830. The original walled garden was twice the size containing formal lawns and an orchard, but was calved in two when Berkley Homes purchased and redeveloped Clarence Yard.
The clients brief required the garden to be sympathetic to its historic surroundings and the impressive Georgian architecture, while being a modern garden based on entertainment.
A small yet formal lawn sits in the centre of the garden, with a simple refection pool flanking the rear, visually carrying the eye from one side of the garden to the other. A new summer house and terrace dominate the left hand corner creating the main entertaining area, with a secondary deck, pergola and outdoor fireplace in the opposite corner.
The formal design is then broken up by the dramatic and luxuriant planting dominated by the existing Arbutus Undeo. Clipped Buxus balls untie the planting scheme throughout with swathes of grasses and herbaceous plants giving movement, height and accent to the scheme.
Designed By: Stuart Charles Towner
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