A modern family garden and landscape​​​​​​​
Designed By: Stuart Charles Towner
This project was all about crafting a functional garden for the clients and wildlife alike, while negotiating a steep slope with stunning views out over Royal Winchester Golf Course. 
Whilst gardens must be functional for us, gardens aren’t just for people! We must make space and give room to nature creating more biodiverse and balanced gardens and landscapes 
Designed By: Stuart Charles Towner
Gardens are all about balance with careful and considered intervention required to craft spaces not just for people but wildlife too. Sitting within the wider context of The Chiltern Hills AONB, a Green Belt Zone, a conservation zone and adjacent to local wildlife sites balance was crucial for this project. 

Strong clean lines define and create dedicated areas for dining, entertaining and relaxing with a large proportion of the garden going from lawn to planting. 

An outdoor kitchen and dining area with a living pergola, sunken cedar barrel tub and covered seating create multiple areas for use throughout the day and evening, while the introduction of hedges flanking the garden and dense mixed planting to help raise biodiversity and create valuable habitats for wildlife.

Despite creating all of these spaces the existing footprint of the hard landscaping will only be increased by 1% (total of 19%) to accommodate the clients needs, leaving 81% of the remaining garden to be soft landscaping of which 52% will now be a dense, diverse mixture of planting
Designed By: Stuart Charles Towner
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